About ZODU Care Inc.

A personal invitation to change lives

Imagine a moment of understanding that changes everything—a moment where you see the direct impact of your compassion on someone’s life. This is what ZODU Care Inc. invites you to experience. Here, your actions create ripples of hope and healing that extend far beyond a single moment, weaving a tapestry of wellness that envelops our entire community.

Experience the power of your impact

Every day, individuals in our community face mental health challenges that seem insurmountable. But with your support, we can offer them more than hope—we provide practical solutions that make a real difference. By assisting someone in need, you not only help lift their spirits but also bolster the community’s overall health and resilience. Witness the transformative effect your involvement has, not just on others, but on your own life as well.

How you can make a difference

Engaging with ZODU Care Inc. is an opportunity to be at the heart of a movement that values every individual’s journey to wellness:

  • Volunteer: Share your talents and time in ways that directly affect lives—lead a workshop, support our outreach initiatives, or guide a support group.
  • Advocate: Use your voice to raise awareness about the critical importance of mental health, breaking down stigmas and fostering a more inclusive community.
  • Donate: Every donation fuels our mission, helping us reach more people and expand our programs. Your generosity ensures that no one is turned away from the support they need.

What joining ZODU Care Inc. means for you

Becoming a part of ZODU Care Inc. is joining a family dedicated to nurturing every aspect of human well-being. You’ll find:

  • Community: Connect with a network of individuals who are as passionate about making a difference as you are.
  • Empowerment: Equip yourself with knowledge and tools that empower you to help others while enriching your own life.
  • Fulfillment: Feel the deep satisfaction that comes from knowing your efforts have a lasting impact on the lives of individuals and the health of your community.

The joy of being part of our movement

Joining the ZODU movement is about embracing the opportunity to be part of something bigger than yourself. It’s about stepping into a role where your actions and contributions lead to real, visible change. You will see firsthand the joy and relief your involvement brings to those in need, inspiring a cycle of positive change that grows with each new supporter.

You are needed now more than ever

Right now, someone in our community is looking for a sign of hope—something to tell them they are not alone. You can be that sign. Donate Today and join us in a commitment to transform lives, including your own. Together, we can ensure that everyone has the support they need to face tomorrow with confidence.

About ZODU Care Inc. Leadership

Meet Dr. Efrain Duany, LMFT: A lifelong commitment to transformation

At the core of ZODU Care Inc. stands Dr. Efrain Duany, LMFT, a man whose mission in life is to empower and transform. Born from a profound commitment to facilitate healing, Dr. Duany’s journey into the realm of psychotherapy is both personal and deeply rooted in his community ties in Orlando, Florida. Witnessing first-hand the struggles of individuals and families, he was inspired to dedicate his life to enhancing mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

From the vibrant narratives of those he aspired to help, Dr. Duany was driven to excel academically and professionally. He attained his doctoral degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, a testament to his relentless pursuit of knowledge and excellence in his field. His credentials are not just plaques on the wall but symbols of a life devoted to mastering the art of compassionate therapy.

Dr. Duany’s therapeutic approach is holistic and innovative, integrating cutting-edge techniques with traditional practices to address the entirety of an individual’s needs. His philosophy extends beyond the therapy room; he embodies the principles of wellness in his daily life, finding balance and joy in reading, biking, fishing, and playing softball. As a pastor, he also integrates spiritual guidance into his practice, enriching the therapeutic process with deeper, more meaningful layers of connection.

Zoraida Duany: Pioneering Education and Mental Health Care

Alongside Dr. Duany is his wife, Zoraida Duany, a trailblazer in education and mental health advocacy. Her career, spanning over two decades in both New Jersey and Florida, reflects a dedicated mission to elevate those around her through learning and mental health support. After earning her Master’s in Mental Health from Palm Beach Atlantic University, Zoraida continues her academic journey, pursuing a second master’s to become a behavior analyst.

Co-founder of ZODU Care Inc., Zoraida embodies the synergy between education and mental health care. Her work transcends the classroom, extending into the broader community where she advocates for mental health awareness, fights against stigma, and provides direct support to those in need. Her role as a registered mental health counselor is marked by an empathetic approach that fosters understanding, acceptance, and holistic care.

Zoraida’s influence as an educator and advocate makes her a central figure in the mental health landscape, where she continues to inspire and empower a new generation of learners and healers. Her dedication is a beacon for those who seek to make a difference in the world through education and mental health advocacy.

Together, leading ZODU Care Inc.

Dr. Efrain and Zoraida Duany are not just leaders but pillars of a community that values every individual’s journey towards health and happiness. Their combined expertise and compassionate leadership steer ZODU Care Inc. toward a future where comprehensive well-being is not just an aspiration but a reality for all. Through their guidance, ZODU Care Inc. remains a beacon of hope and transformation, nurturing every spirit and embracing every story within the community it serves.